At Senor Paco's we offer you a selection of authentic Mexican Dishes in addition to the best of “New west Cuisine”, an innovative fusion of traditional recipes with exceptional ingredients and new culinary techniques. We purchase only the freshest ingredients available from the local market and incorporate them with our imported exotic spices, chilies and foodstuffs from Mexico and the Western United States.

For those of you more comfortable with familiar fare, we also have a sampling of regional cuisine from American Southwest, such as our smoky BBQ ribs and our gourmet Texas Chili.

Our selections of Mexican Dishes at Seňor Paco's is subtly spiced, contrary to the popular thinking that all Mexican food is hot and spicy. The chili is a versatile ingredient with a wide range of uses and actually many Chile are sweet, and rich flavored. Here we use a light hand with our herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of our food and not to over come them. The varieties are endless, starting with the humble bean, and extending to the gourmet delights of shrimp or crabmeat. If you have a combination in mind our chefs will be happy to make it up for you.

Since we love a party as much as you do, we will be happy to arrange for a private party, an office party or a business luncheon in a confidential atmosphere. Outside catering is also available for groups of twenty five to hundred people.

Senor Paco's extended the services by opening a new Fast-food outlet at newly built Oasis Mall, Juffair which is prominently located at the junction of the busy Al Fateh highway and Awal Avenue, opposite the Al Fateh Grand Mosque. The outlet is moderately priced offering the freshly cooked Mexican food such as Taco's, Burrito's, Enchilada's, Quesadilla's, Wraps and Taco Salad's, are all in the menu. We will offer specialty selections including lighter options and smaller portions as Children's Menu.

The New outlet will be offering free home/office delivery service and cater to the house parties.
Tel: 17431216 or Email: pacos@batelco.com.bh